Hey there! We are Spravtek and we provide First-Aid for your IT Infrastructure, first response for your emergency IT infrastructure issues!

Our Services

Servers, Storage & Networking

Spravtek provides Servers & Storage support, consultancy and outsourcing we help you choose the right product for the job and pinpoint potential improvements. Besides that, we also can help you in improving or renewing your network infrastructure.

Troubleshooting & Monitoring

Spravtek offers great troubleshooting skills at affordable prices as well as assistance in choosing and setting up monitoring for your IT Infrastructure .


Spravtek can offer assistance worldwide, be it consultancy, remote (or local) support or just some advice, everything is possible, just go over to our contact page and shoot us an email .

Web Services

Spravtek also offers Web Services, this includes design and development of modern websites as well as hosting them. We deliver state of the art websites ready to grow alongside your business.


What is a new website worth when it doesn’t get seen by your potential customers? To make sure your revenue goes up, we offer SEO services, we make sure your new website gets noticed!


Spravtek is very versatile, by now you might get an idea what we can offer you, but I assure you, there’s much more to it, so if you can’t find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our Recommendations

All your VMware needs
All your VMware backup needs
Order your Juniper devices with us.
We recommend Kaspersky Security Products
Microsoft Office 365, email in the cloud.
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