Did you know? Spravtek offers First-Aid services for your IT infrastructure, first-response to your emergency infrastructure needs.


Spravtek uses a process-oriented methodology designed to minimize project risks and implementation time. We try to focus on business solutions as much as possible, so that we can fulfil business goals instead of merely providing technical solutions. All of our solutions, projects and designs are built with this “philosophy” in mind.

We understand that our methodology plays a significant role in the quality and efficiency of our work, therefor we are always refining and updating our processes, this allows us to keep providing the same standards and quality in all our projects.

Why Choose Us?

  • Proven track record
  • Flexible in every aspect
  • Strong work ethic
  • Excellent customer support
  • Timely delivery of projects
  • Working with the best vendors
  • Strong partnerships

Our Services

With the services Spravtek offers, we try to cut costs and boost the overall efficiency through, technological innovation, proven solutions and a focus on quality designs. We use the same principals, best practices and strong work ethic in every job or project we undertake, whatever the size it may be, this way, we make sure that all the projects get the same high-quality finish they deserve.


We are proud on the fact that documentation is always been a strong point for us, keeping it simple, understandable and straight to the point.


We can help you design your new datacenter, network or any other infrastructure solutions you might need.


At Spravtek we always strive to use the best technology available, therefor we are proud of our strong partnerships with well known vendors.


The customers’ wishes are always taken into account, we also take special note of the customers’ budget constraints and specify products and maintenance programs that work within our client’s financial parameters.


With our broad experience we can also provide help in troubleshooting those hard to conquer issues that have been plaguing your environment.


We can also provide you with “flick-of-the-switch” solutions, this can be something simple like a website, or something more complex, like a mail server.

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